Church of St. Nicholas – a meeting of the working group

On August 22, at the initiative of priest parish priest of Saint. Nicholas, father Józef Gubała,
a working meeting was held to determine the location of the reliquary in the church
Servant of God Hanna Chrzanowska.
The meeting was attended by the referent for the canonization of the Archdiocese of Fr. dr Andrzej
Scąber, conservator of monuments Mr Piotr Białko.
The nursing community was represented by: members of the Catholic Association
Nurses and midwives Krystyna Pęchalska and Helena Matoga, president of Małopolska
District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives Dr. Tadeusz Wadas and a priest
nurses and midwives Fr. dr Kazimierz Kubik.
Arrangements: development of the reliquary’s design, location of the sarcophagus – in the side aisle