Foreign press about Hanna Chrzanowska

“Beatification of the First Nurse

Polish nurse who inspired Saint. John Paul II, will be announced blessed. Hanna Chrzanowska (1902 – 1973) oblate, guardian of chronically ill and poor, she is considered the first nurse to be beatified. In his statements, John Paul II stated that he learned most about the needs of the sick from her. She is best known for initiating parish nursing in Krakow. “

Appointment of the organizational team for beatification

On December 15, 2017, at the seat of the Krakow Archbishops at ul.
Franciszkańska 3, the first meeting of 37-person members took place
team for the organization of the beatification ceremony of Służebnica
Bożna Hanna Chrzanowska in April next year.

The team is chaired by J. Eksc.ks. Bishop Jan Zając. Members received
decrees quoting by priest Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski.
Time for working meetings has been set.

The nursing environment is represented by:

Izabela Ćwiertnia, MA – president of KSPiPP

Helena Matoga – Vcece Postulator

Dr Tadeusz Wadas – Chairman of MOIPiP

Ks. dr Kazimierz Kubik – Nurse of Nurses and Midwives