The exhibition “Maria and Hanna Epstein Chrzanów – unusual Krakow nurses”

June 7 this year in the courtyard of the Dominican Sisters in Krakow The Gródek officially opened an exhibition dedicated to exceptional nurses who exercised his ministry in the city. The protagonists are: Maria Epstein – precursor of Polish professional nursing and Bl. Hanna Chrzanowska who wholeheartedly strive for the care of patients remaining in their homes and help them not only in matters of care for the body, but also the care of their spiritual needs.

These two wonderful nurses knew each other personally because Bl. Hanna Chrzanowska was a student of Maria Epstein, and then they shared their sincere friendship, even when Maria joined the Dominican convent.

We invite you to visit this very interesting exhibition, to which the Dominican nuns materials made available and which is in the courtyard of the monastery on Gródek in Kraków. Mikołajska 21. The exhibition will be available for two months.