Carol (by Hanna Chrzanowska)

Hanna Chrzanowska once wrote a carol with the same title. The work was developed and performed, among others, at the concert “Proś za nas”, which took place in the church of St. Nicholas in Krakow The text was adapted by Mrs. Agata Bernadt, the music was written by Mr. Joachim Mencel. Below is the original text of Kolenda, and the recording performed by Mrs. Agata Bernadt from this concert.

Sleep, Holy Virgin, at least for an hour
I’ll wrap up Your Baby, I’ll wrap up Your Baby
My hands are coarse – but they will be softened by the holy wrapping,
There are a lot of vipers in the heart – they will not bite the Child secretly:
You, who have trampled the serpent, put your hand on my chest.
Faithful am I as an ox and a donkey, most faithful servants!
You have supported me so many times, today I will help you.
You are so sleepy, a long journey to Egypt ahead of you:
Joseph is sleeping at the threshold, he will get up soon
When he hears the angel’s call in his sleep.
Trust me, Holy Virgin! I have suffered so much,
My only joy is this night’s vigil at the manger!

Mary is sleeping in the corner of the stable on a bed of straw,
She has hung me over the manger like an eternal flame,
She has made me, the most miserable, the guardian of the Most Holy,
She has quietened the storm rising in my hungry heart.
I have, I have the Child in my care,
Joy grows in the heart, warmth adorns it.
His eyes are opening, their light satiates me
His tiny hands are emerging from the white swaddling clothes,
They are longingly reaching me, a poor servant,
His little feet are fluttering under the cloth.

– Hush, Little Jesus, hush, Little Jesus,
Let me wrap your little arms warmly.
Don’t twitter so merrily – hush, hush –
Or you’ll wake up your Mother, asleep there in the corner.
Close, close your pretty eyes, it’s still early, early-
Can you hear the ox and the donkey whinnying in their sleep?
And don’t laugh so loud – Hush Little One, hush,
Or evil Herod on the golden throne will hear you!

He has fallen asleep, a white one among the soft hay,
Sleep, O Sweetest Virgin, if only till the morning.
The happiest hour you have given me, the most gracious hour –
Sleep, I’ll wrap up, wrap up Your Baby!